P.E.O. General Information

Professional Employer Organizations (P.E.O.'s) offer bundled employee benefit, work comp, and payroll administrative services to employers. Employees become co-employees of the employer and the P.E.O.

Frequently, P.E.O.'s can allow employers to concentrate more on their main industry and leave the details of group medical, work comp, payroll taxes, and 401K administration to the P.E.O. In some situations, a P.E.O. can offer significant dollar savings for employee benefits and work comp.

Handley Benefits works with a national network of over 400 P.E.O.'s, so we can find several that specialize in any industry. P.E.O.'s differ significantly in their manner of operation and the type of industry they specialize in. Since regulation of PEO's by state insurance departments is less rigorous than for insurance companies, it is important to choose carefully. We can help in the evaluation process.

To provide a quote, we will need an employee census, information about payroll, benefit plan designs, and work comp detail. Call or email to see if a P.E.O. can save money and simplify the administrative functions for your business.